You are entering the adventure of the Rotary Youth Exchange

How can I participate in Rotary Youth Exchange? Rotary districts arrange individual exchanges with other districts. For information about Youth Exchange opportunities in your area, please contact a local Rotary club. If you are unable to contact a club near you, email us at

Rotary Youth Exchange inspires young leaders to serve as catalysts for peace and social justice in their local communities and throughout the world, long after their exchanges end. This program is possible because of the dedication, leadership, and passion of the tens of thousands of volunteers — Rotary members and nonmembers alike — who make this unique program so successful.

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Information and registration for Youth Exchange programs: contact the Rotary Club near you.

One-Year Student Exchange (LTEP)
The objective: to enable a young person to spend a full school year abroad, hosted by a Rotary club and lodged with several families, and in return receive young foreigners.

Public: high school students aged 15 to under 18 at the time of departure (with some exceptions)

Information and registration for Youth Exchange programs: contact the Rotary Club near you.

Summer Exchanges - Short Term Exchange program (STEP)
Objective: to allow a young person to live 4 to 6 weeks with a high school student (of the same sex) from another country during the holidays and to welcome him back into his own family (family-to-family exchange)

Public: High school students aged 15 to 19

Information and registration: contact the Rotary Club near you.

Camps abroad (without exchange)

Objective: to promote the exchange of ideas between young people within the framework of thematic meetings. Audience: young people aged 15 to 25 (age criteria defined in the camp proposal).

Contact the Rotary Club near you.

The Youth Exchange, a program for 15-19 year olds which offers short-term (several days or several weeks) or long-term (an entire school year) exchanges. We remind you that Rotary is not affiliated with any religious organization.

Candidates are selected by a sponsor Rotary club after reviewing their application and an individual interview. Rotary is looking for candidates for this program who have good academic results, are involved in the life of their community and have the potential to be an excellent ambassador of their culture.

In the case of a long-term exchange, the candidates are generally selected during the year preceding the exchange (e.g.: selection in the fall for a departure during the following summer). The selection of candidates for short-term exchanges generally takes place 6 to 8 months before the young person's departure.

The Rotary International Youth Exchange program spans more than 80 countries and territories. For a list of countries where the Youth Exchange operates, contact your local Rotary club. Selected candidates are placed in localities where a Rotary club has agreed to host them and, for this reason, the choice of the country of exchange does not rest with the candidate himself. Once selected by their local club, the candidate may wish to have five countries on the list of those with which the district participates in the Youth Exchange program.

Although the host family offers full board, the young person and his family will have to cover certain costs: round-trip plane tickets, clothing, health insurance and pocket money. For long-term exchanges, however, the Rotary club will provide a small monthly stipend and usually pay tuition. Some destinations will have higher fees than others.